Specialist Endovascular

Ureteric stents

Ureteric stents are tubes that go from the kidney to the bladder, to cross sites of obstruction, and relieve hydronephrosis.

Ureteric stents can be placed through a nephrostomy (antegrade placement) by an interventional radiologist, or through a cystoscopy (retrograde) by a urologist. Often if a nephrostomy is already in place, the stent is placed by and interventional radiologist from above. If the urologist is having difficulty passing a blockage, then they may ask us to place the stent antegradely.

Most stents that are palced are made of plastic. The palstic stnets are normally changed every three months to prevent them blocking. Once a stent has already been placed, it is normally a traight forward procedure for the urologist to change the stent at the time of a cystoscopy.

Special metalic stents can be considered in long term patients, that can decrease the need for regualr stent changes.