Specialist Endovascular Consult

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I schedule an appointment?

Please contact us directly to make an appointment.


What should I bring to the hospital?

A medicare card, your health fund details, all relevant x-rays, comfortable clothes and a book. Please don’t bring valuables 


How long does a diagnostic cerebral angiogram take?

Approximately one hour with a recovery of 3 to 4 hours.


Are there any medications I need to stop for the procedure?

If you take any oral diabetes medication, esp metformin (Diabex, Glucophage, Diaformin) please notify our rooms. For blood thinning medications for example Aspirin, Plavix, Warfarin, Clexane please notify us so we can advise on a case by case basis.


Will I need to fast for a Cerebral Angiogram? 

Yes, please fast for 6hrs prior to the procedure. Continue regular medications with a sip of water


Can I drive home from the hospital?

You will need to be accompanied home from the hospital and have an adult stay with you overnight.


How long does the coiling procedure take? 

Approximately 1½ - 3 hours.


How long does surgical clipping of an aneurysm take? 

2 - 3hrs


How long should I expect to be hospitalised after an elective coiling procedure? 

1 - 3 days


Will an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) stay be necessary? 

Yes, all Neurosurgical procedures, open or endovascular spend at least one night in ICU for close observation


Is general anesthesia used for surgery and coiling? 



Can I have visitors while I am in the hospital? 



When can I get out of bed? 

From as soon as 4 hours


Will I get prescriptions for pain medications upon discharge? 

Yes if necesary, you will be provided with a clear set of instructions and prescriptions at the time of discharge. Please call us on 1300 553 339 if you have any further questions


How long am I going to be on medications? 

After endovascular coiling, selected patients may be on “blood-thinners”, such as Prasugrel or aspirin. The length of time depends on a number of factors


When can I be active again? 

After endovascular coiling we suggest light duties for 24 to 48 hours and after this you can resume usual activity.


How soon can I return to work? 

Whilst some patients return after 24 hours, we recommend two to three days recovery


How soon can I drive? 

One week after endovascular coiling. Endovascular coiling treats within the artery, there is no open exposure of the brain so endovascular patients can start driving a week after treatment. After open neurosurgical procedures patients can not drive for three months due to risk of fitting


How is treatment (clipping versus coiling) decided? 

The shape, the size and the location of the aneurysm are considered when choosing the best treatment option for you, as well as the risks and benefits. There is a conference between the Neurosurgeon and Neurovascular specialist where the merits of both treatments are discussed. In the case where either treatment is possible, the patient is given the option of deciding


Can the coils move or shift?

The coils don’t move, there is a small risk of aneurysm regrowth. We do monitor the coil mass with follow up MRA (magnetic resonance angiogram) and angiography. In rare circumstance further intervention may be required


Can I have an MRI after coiling?

Yes, all platinum coils are MRI compatible


Will the coils or clips set off a metal detector at an airport?



Are children at risk for aneurysms?

Yes, but this is very uncommon. It is advised that families with two or more members diagnosed with aneurysm be screened


If an aneurysm has been discovered; for how long has it been present?

It is not possible to tell. It may have been there for years


Can I develop another aneurysm?

Yes, 10% of people with one aneurysm develop another. For that reason we keep an eye on you for a period of time


Do I need a long-term follow up after my treatment and discharge from the hospital?

We continue to monitor you with periodic scans for several years after treatment. A small number of patients require a second treatment, usually within 12 months but this is very unlikely


If you have any concerns, please phone us on 1300 553 339 or send an email to admin@sevs.com.au