Specialist Endovascular

Flow Diversion for Aneurysm Treatment (Brain Aneurysm Stenting)

Flow diversion is a revolutionary way of treating complex intracranial aneurysms.
It uses an intracranial stent with about three times more struts (wires) than a normal intracranial stent. This has the effect of diverting the flow out of the aneurysm back into the native vessel, whilst still allowing branch arteries to remain patent.
This allows some of these complex aneurysms to be treated at a much lower risk than some of the alternative procedures, such as bypass surgery (also called high flow venous bypass and STAMCA bypass).
Our team of doctors are amongst the most experienced in the country. Two of our doctors were involved in the teaching of the other Australian interventional neuroradiologsts this technique when the devices were first released in Australia.
Flow diversion stenting does require special pre-operative medication, which usually consisted of aspirin and Prasugrel.