Specialist Endovascular

Renal Aneurysm Treatment

Renal artery aneurysms are dilated outpouching of the vessels that supply blood to the kidney. They are often found when patients are being investigated for hypertension or found incidentally.

The decision to treat a renal aneurysm is complex. In general if the aneurysm is larger than 15mm, or the patient is female and of child bearing age, then treatment is considered.

Treatment consists of coil embolisation, often using stent assistance.

High quality CT angiograms are reviewed for planning. As the renal aneurysm can involve branching vessels, sometimes complex interventional techniques, such as Y-stenting, which originated in Interventional Neuro Radiology, must be used to preserve normal renal function.

Antiplatelet drugs are an important part of treatment, and will be discussed at the time of your consultation.